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Here’s How You Turn a Highball Into A Gear Climb – With a Skyhook

Top gear climber Dave MacLeod finds good protection on this recently climbed highball

Dave MacLeod recently repeated Pete Herd’s new route Hyperborea E7 7a at Duntelchaig. MacLeod said the route is “a spicy wee highball trad. After so many surgeries, I opted for a wee skyhook to protect the crux.”

If you don’t know what they are, skyhooks come in different sizes, with each being shaped slightly different. The three most common are a bat/talon (small), a cliffhanger (medium), and a grappling (large).┬áMany difficult trad routes in the U.K. require skyhook placements, but they require proper understanding to use safely.

We recently touched base with MacLeod about hard climbing and injuries, read the interview here, and watch MacLeod’s send below.

Skyhooks Instead of a Highball