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Here’s What Climbing Means to Patxi Usobiaga

A new short film features Patxi Usobiaga, a climber who was once one of the best on the competition circuit

The competition is not against the other climbers, but rather yourself. This realization kept Patxi Usobiaga’s love for climbing alive even after his professional climbing career.

In 2004, he made the third ascent of Realization/Biographie 5.15a in Ceuse. A few years after that, he repeated La Rambla 5.15a at Siurana. He was in a bad car accident in 2011 and spent years recovering. He was one of the world’s top competition climbers and made history with the first ever 5.14c onsight of Bizi Euskaraz in Etxauri.

In this video by Deuter, Usobiaga gives an insight in how his passion has shaped his path in life and how his connection to climbing is deeper today than ever before.

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