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Ice Climbing Videos That Show How Wild the Sport Is

From classic WI4 pitches to overhanging ice and mixed, here's some ice footage to get you stoked on the season ahead

As we head into ice climbing season, lets take a look back at some moments from last year captured in the below videos. The first is a recap edited by Marie-Éve Beauchamp of highlights from climbing in the Rockies with Caro Ouellet and Stas Beskin. They repeat hard ice and mixed climbs and establish hard new pillars.

The second is of an ascent of Two Minutes for Hooking, a 140-metre WI4 on the west coast by Alex Weber. He said, “With record cold temps hitting the west coast (Dec 2021), Andrew and I decided to try one of the more rare Squamish ice climbs. Two Minutes For Hooking, on Slhany, did not disappoint. First pitch was WI4- on thin ice, followed by WI4 on steep and narrow ice. We climbed a short section of the third pitch (WI3); the full pitch goes at either WI4+ or WI5 depending on which direction you go. Great first day out in a while.”

The third video is from the Canadian Boyz in Alberta and features an ascent of the classic Hydrophobia in the Ghost. “Foster, Elliot and myself head back out to Hydro for my third attempt this year at completing Hydrophobia. After two failed attempts I was hungry to finally finish it. Poor Elliot wasn’t sure what he agreed to, but nonetheless, he gave it everything he had. Solid day and great meeting a few other phenomenal climbers that were there.”

Rockies Recap

Squamish Ice


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