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If You Like Slab, This Is a Climbing Film for You

Climbing pros team up with slab aficionado Talo Martin to send hard slab lines

Talo Martin, 42, is a slab climbing wizard. At 22-years-old, he decided to dedicate himself completely to the unique discipline of hard slab climbing. Over the years, he has racked up one of the best slab climbing resumes in the world, ticking numerous 5.14 slab routes and double-digit slab boulder problems. He has made 5.14b slab and V12 slab first ascents.

Known as the “Slabducator”, he has shared his insights with many pro climbers over the years. Most recently, Mari Salvesen, Pete Whittaker, and Tom Randall have climbed with Martin for some slab wisdom. Via Instagram, Randall had this to say the experience: “If you ever get to climb with Talo, you’ll probably learn more in one day than in one year normally. Insane. I don’t think I know anyone as Jedi with their feet other than Johnny Dawes.”

Martin just released a film titled, Slabducation. The film features Martin climbing slab with world-class climbers including including Dani Andrada, James Pearson, Caro Ciavaldini, Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, and Siebe Vanhee. A film about slab wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from the legendary Johnny Dawes, who once again shows off his unbelievable no-hands slab climbing ability.