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Jakob Schubert repeats Chris Sharma’s Alasha 5.15 DWS in Mallorca

The steep deep water solo line was first climbed in 2016

Austrian Jakob Schubert, who’s fresh off a gold medal at the World Championships and bronze at the Olympics, has made the first repeat of Chris Sharma’s Alasha. After Schubert’s send, Sharma said to him, “Good job, and thanks for bringing it back to life.”

Alasha is a difficult deep water solo line in Mallorca that Sharma made the FA of in 2016. The line took Sharma five years of projecting, the crux is V13 and the overall grade is in the 5.15- range. Sharma never officially graded it, but 5.15 climber Magnus Midtbø put the grade in the 5.15a/b range.

Sharma made the first ascent 10 years after establishing the rarely repeated Es Pontas 5.15. Alasha, which he named after his daughter, Alana Sharma, is one of the most difficult DWS routes in the world.

Sharma said the location of Alasha is rugged and that he took repeated falls from the 20-metre mark. “It needs very subtle body positions, really tricky beta,” he said of the crux. “I finally figured it out to the point where I was like ‘OK, the moves go, now I can start trying it from the bottom.’” Watch Sharma on the FA below.

Watch Sharma on the FA of Alasha