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Jakob Schubert Tries DNA, a 5.15d in France

The 5.15 climber and Olympic medalist has been sussing out one of the hardest routes in the world

Jakob Schubert DNA 5.15d

Jakob Schubert recently checked out DNA 5.15d in La Ramirole, France. This is one of the hardest routes int he world. Watch Schubert try DNA in a new video below.

Seb Bouin made the first ascent of DNA in May 2022. In 2017, Adam Ondra climbed Silence in Norway and gave it 5.15d. Silence was the only 5.15d until 2020 when Alex Megos made the first ascent of Bibliography and suggested 5.15d. The following year, Stefano Ghisolfi downgraded Megos’s climb to 5.15c, which Megos agrees with.

Bouin bolted DNA four years ago and reports that he tried over 250 times over 150 days before getting the first ascent. The 50-metre overhanging route starts with 5.14c, climbs through a V11 and V12 problem and heads into another 5.14c sequence. Bouin, who attempted Bibliography, says it’s similar but more physically demanding.

“There would be two possible scenarios, 9b+ [5.15c] or 9c [5.15d],” said Bouin. “Choosing 9b+ [5.15c] would be playing it safe. Choosing 9c would be taking a risk. I have been playing it safe since 2014 on this cliff by proposing very tight grades. And in the end, nobody has repeated one of these routes.”


Jakob Schubert Tries DNA