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Keenan Takahashi Climbs Stunning Boulders in Rocklands

Known for his highball first ascents, he repeated many Rocklands hard classics on a trip this year

In Summer 2022, American climber Keenan Takahashi went on a bouldering trip to Rocklands, South Africa. He sent many of the area’s hard classics including Dave Graham’s Cosmic Artifact V14 and Get Railed V14, a 25-foot highball first put up by Nalle Hukkataival. He was joined on the trip by Katie Lamb, who also threw down some Rocklands test pieces, including Book Club V14. A new film has been released showcasing Takahashi’s sends on some of the most beautiful lines in the area, including:

–Cosmic Artifact V14
–El Corazon V13
–30 Is the New 20 V13
–Quintessential V13
–The Executioner V13
–Get Railed V14

Takahashi grew up in Davis, California. After studying talus morphology as an intern for Yosemite National Park, he began working in air and water quality monitoring for the National Park Service. He has put up numerous hard highball first ascents throughout the U.S., including Stones Throw V13 in Yosemite, Terminus V12 in Bishop, and Hokusai’s Wave V12 in New Mexico. He has climbed 5.14d sport and bouldered V15 in Red Rocks, Lake Tahoe, and Japan. In 2019, he won the Hueco Rock Rodeo after sending Diabolique V13 and five V12’s in a single day.