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Keenan Takahashi Sends Epic New V14 Highball

You'd have a hard time finding a more engaging bouldering film than this

In late February, Keenan Takahashi made his proudest send to date with a first ascent of A Little Life V14 in the Buttermilks. A new 23-minute film detailing his send was released today by Mellow. Produced by ANTIGRAV, the film is much more than just some simple send footage. It tells Takahashi’s story, from starting as an obsessive young skater kid to getting hooked on outdoor bouldering as a teen. Videos of many of his previous highball sends (and falls) are included in the film, as well as the backstory and significance of this latest Buttermilks achievement.

A Little Life V14 is a stunning line that sits to the right of Terminus V12, another highball Takahashi put up in 2016. The crux of problem is terrifyingly found near the top of the boulder and involves a long shouldery move off the left hand. Takahashi is well-known for his difficult and dangerous highball sends, but A Little Life took things to a whole new level.

Takahashi had this to say about his big send on Instagram back in February: “Wow… probably the best moment I’ve ever had climbing!!! Hands down the most sketchy as well – never thought I’d push my physical limit so close on something so scary… a new level of satisfaction. Crazy to think how much inspiration and direction this bloc has shaped my climbing, from seeing Terminus for the first time in 2014 and finally doing this much harder and less probable but stunning wave wall on the right. So thankful to have such inspiration from this world.”

Takahashi grew up in Davis, California. He has put up numerous hard highball first ascents throughout the U.S., including Stones Throw V13 in Yosemite, Terminus V12 in Bishop, and Hokusai’s Wave V12 in New Mexico. He has climbed 5.14d sport and bouldered V15 in Red Rocks, Lake Tahoe, and Japan. In the summer of 2022, he took a trip to Rocklands where he sent many hard problems including Cosmic Artifact V14 and and Get Railed V14.

Keenan Takahashi A Little Life V14 First Ascent