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Keith Ladzinski Work Featured in New Music Video

Keith Ladzinski is a leading climbing and landscape photographer and is featured in a new video by the band LNZNDRF.

Are you one of those people who doesn’t specifically tune into National Geographic or make time to check out nature shows, but when you stumble across them you find yourself totally transfixed?

It feels like that’s a lot of the population, and thus, LNZNDRF’s video for Future You makes for a compelling six-minute watch.

According to the band, “The video documents journeys made by its director Keith Ladzinski across all seven continents, visiting some of the most remote nooks and crannies of the world.

“The epic landscapes and dramatic wildlife scenes provide a striking visual platform for the album opener.

“Vertigo-inducing drone shots of the glaciers, time lapses of landscapes so breathtaking they look like paintings, cliff leaps, deep sea diving, dolphins, snakes, elephants in their big-eared glory. And sadly, a lost looking polar bear on a defrosting ice cap.”

LNZNDRF || Future You from 3 Strings on Vimeo.