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Lady Gaga is Latest Celebrity to go Climbing

Five famous people who've turned their fans' heads for getting vertical

Stefani Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is the latest celebrity to make headlines for “roping up” after she posted a photo of herself on a via ferrata. While there’s no location given, one can take guesses based on the smooth canyon walls.

Did you know that Yosemite legend Ron Kauk was with Tom Cruise for Mission Impossible 2’s rock climbing scene? Scroll down to watch an interview with them about the famous iron cross scene.

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Five Celebrities Who’ve Climbed

Jason Momoa

Many know that actor Jason Momoa grew up with top climber Chris Sharma and the two continue to travel and climb together. Momoa also has a lifestyle climbing collection with the brand So Ill.

“For Aquaman we incorporated things I love,” he said. “I love rock climbing. When you’re training for a rock-climbing problem, you want to diet right and get in your best shape because it’s something you’re passionate about. It was something I could set a goal for. Not just, ‘Oh, let’s get a six-pack.’ We built a rock climbing gym on the Aquaman set in Australia. It kept my mind in a beautiful place.”

Jared Leto

Jared Leto was rock climbing with Alex Honnold in Red Rock this spring when he took a fall and his rope got a bad core shot. The Suicide Squad star, 48, spoke about when he “nearly died” on Instagram, sharing photos from his day out the Free Solo star, Honnold.

“Not to sound dramatic, but this is the day I nearly died,” he said. “Took a pretty good fall climbing with Alex Honnold at Red Rock. Looked up and within seconds the rope was being cut by the rock while I dangled some 600 ft in the air.”

Leto and Honnold have been climbing together for years.

Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway is an American actress who began acting at age 14 with a Golden Globe–nominated breakout role in Lipstick, and received Academy and BAFTA Award nominations for her performance in Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

Read her blog about her climbing passion here. “Since I began to climb I have an understanding of mountains in a different way. I am sure you have heard this that climbing makes you present. For me it makes me humble real and aware. I cannot do the shopping or worry about my daughters or my career or what I am going to make for dinner. I can only ‘be’ when I am on the side of a rock.”


Jessica Biel

In 2010, award-winning actress Jessica Biel climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. The expedition was called Summit on the Summit, and Biel was joined by other notables such as actor Emile Hirsch, actress Isabel Lucas, and musician Lupe Fiasco.

Tom Cruise

For Mission Impossible 2, Tom Cruise was joined by top climber Ron Kauk on set for some climbing 101 talk. Kauk was the stunt double, but Cruise ended up doing all of the climbing himself.