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Link Sar: The Unclimbed Mountain is a must-watch film about an epic alpine first ascent

The film debuted on Oct. 7 and documents the historic first ascent of Link Sar in the Karakoram

In 2019, four Americans made the first ascent of Link Sar (7,041 m) in Eastern Karakoram, Pakistan. The team included Steve Swenson, Chris Wright, Graham Zimmerman and Mark Richey. It was Swenson’s fourth attempt at the peak.

Link Sar: The Unclimbed Mountain is told through the eyes of Zimmerman and fantastically documents the team’s Piolet d’Or winning ascent. Watch the highly-anticipated film below.

Zimmerman recently returned from an attempt on the west face of K2 with Canadian Ian Welsted. Due to permit issue, they had to leave before making a final attempt, but they made it high up the mountain during the first-ever alpine-style push up the face.

Zimmerman and Swenson wrote about the climb in the American Alpine Journal, where Zimmerman said, “I arrived last and fell into a deep embrace from Chris. The sunset cast waves of purple hues over the massive breadth of the Karakoram. Some of the steepest and wildest mountains of the world surrounded us in all directions. There were no words. There was only the afterglow of depths of shared exertion and partnership. Then, I declared, ‘Let’s get the hell off this mountain safely,’ and we started our descent.”

Watch Link Sar: The Unclimbed Mountain below


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