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Little Fluffy Clouds is Five-Pitch Rockies M7

Watch a short video by Raphael Slawinski of the first ascent below

Little Fluffy Clouds is a 155-metre M7 WI4 in the Waiparous Valley west of Calgary. It was first climbed by Seth Keena, Maia Schumacher and Raphael Slawinski. If you’re missing winter, this short video will get you stoked for some cold weather.

It’s located at the mouth of the Johnson Creek drainage, before Caroline and Marion Falls. “If formed, the ice blobs and final curtain will be obvious on the sunny side of the valley,” wrote Slawinski on his blog. Pitch one is a 30-metre WI3+, pitch two is a 40-metre M5+, pitch three is a 20-metre M4+, pitch four is a 30-metre M7 and pitch five is a 35-metre M5 WI4.

“A few more long reaches; balancing across a foot ledge with the blank wall above trying to push me off; and cold, brittle ice that cracked and groaned as I repeatedly swung into it,” Slawinski wrote. “I tried to keep my eyelids from freezing shut while I drilled a v-thread where the ice backed off into snow-covered scree.” Read the full story and see the topo here.

Little Fluffy Clouds