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Makatea is a Tropical Climbing Paradise in Polynesia

We can't travel to far-away places to rock climb this winter, but this video will show you why this island should be on your list for after the pandemic

The sailing boat Maewan arrived in Makatea in 2018, a unique island of Polynesia. A circle of coral raised about 100 hundred metres above a turquoise sea, a large variety of fauna and flora, a dream landscape, but also an exploited and abandoned island in the middle of the remains of the phosphate mines.

As Erwan Le Lann and Marion Courtois discover the incredible limestone cliffs that the island offers right beside the sea, they discuss the possibilities of equipment and development of the site with the locals.

Six months later they come back with a team of twenty enthusiasts, climbers, speleologists, rescuers, educational and environmental managers, photographers, cameramen, journalists… to set up the “Makatea Vertical Adventure” project. The goal being to develop eco-responsible tourism, which is respectful of the biodiversity of the atoll and its inhabitants through the practice of climbing.