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Manon Hily Projecting Biographie 5.15a

Manon Hily climbed 5.14d five years ago, and over the past few months has repeated several steep sport routes

Manon Hily is one of France’s best all-round comp and sport climbers, with sends up to 5.14d. In this video she’s projecting Biographie 5.15a in Ceuse.

In 2018, Hily climbed Era Vella 5.14d. Within the past year, she’s climbed Le sens de la vie 5.14a, La Ligne Claire 5.14c and La part du diable 5.14c. During last World Cup season, she grabbed a bronze in Munich and silver in France.

The first ascent of Biographie was by Chris Sharma in 2001, but it was bolted back in 1989 by Jean-Christophe Lafaille. After his send, Sharma called it Realization, but Lafaille had named it Biographie and in France the person who bolts the route gets to name it. So most climbers these days, even Sharma, refer to it as Biographie. It’s one of the most-climbed 5.15s to date along with La Rambla.

Biographie Projecting