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Marc-André Leclerc Died Before Climbing This, So His Friends Climbed it For Him

Marc-André's Vision is a big rock climb with difficulties up to 5.12 on one of the world's most iconic mountains

Marc-André Leclerc spotted this unclimbed line on the east face of Torre Egger in 2016, while rappelling from the route Titanic. He sent photos to his partner Brette Harrington we they talked about returning in the following years to try it together.

If you’ve seen the film The Alpinist then you know that Leclerc passed away while climbing in Alaska in 2018. “At first I wondered if his vision for this line would slip away with him,” said Harrington. “I scrolled back to our conversations from 2016 and learned all that I could about the line, then asked Quentin Roberts to try it with me.”

In 2019, they succeeded in finding the way up the lower face, and managed to free the pitches at 5.12b. However, a backpack strap broke while hauling our bags, and Harrington’s mountain boots fell off the mountain. Due to poor weather they couldn’t return until the next season.

In 2020, they invited friend Horacio Gratton to join them. “We decided that a team of three was a safer decision incase anything went wrong,” said Harrington. “It was a very cold and wet season, so we had to adjust some of our plans. We climbed to the summit via our 2019 line up the lower face, and linked it into the upper line of Titanic to the top.”

Marc-André’s Vision