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Margo Hayes Climbing 5.14 in Colorado

A short film featuring Margo Hayes climbing at her home crag Rifle

Margo Hayes has been climbing and competing since 2008. Hayes quickly climbed up the ranks to become one of the world’s best competition climbers, claiming multiple podiums in youth and adult world championships. However, it is her outdoor route accomplishments that have put the climbing world on notice. In 2017, Margo Hayes became the first female ever to climb 5.15a. She did so on the famous route in Spain, La Rambla, later that year climbing another 5.15a Biographie and doing a third of that grade, Papichulo in 2019.

“It’s this four-dimensional kind of climbing,” Margo says, “…you’re always using your entire body. It’s not just pulling, it’s pushing and squeezing into weird positions…You don’t necessarily learn a style but you learn how to solve a problem. I think it’s an amazing place for people to develop as a climber. ”

Hayes was featured in Reel Rock 12 with a film documenting Margo’s journey to sending La Rambla and Biographie. The film illustrates her unstoppable force of will and determination to completing her goals. Watch Hayes climb a handful of hard routes in Colorado’s Rifle up to 5.14. Follow Hayes on Instagram below.

Margo Hayes