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Matt Fultz Sends a New V16 with Brace for the Cure

He's been one of North America's strongest boulderers over the past few seasons

American boulderer Matt Fultz has made the first ascent of Brace for the Cure V16. In 2021, Fultz took down Sleepwalker V16, Grand Illusion V16 and Creature from the Black Lagoon V16.

Intermingled with these exceptional repeats, Fultz also established Blood Eagle, a fluid V13 in Red Rocks; and Lil Jon V14 and Sound of Violence V15 in Joe’s Valley. These are two of the most challenging problems in the area.

Fultz also put up numerous other boulder problems and continued to push himself by trying other hard repeats like Insomniac V16. In terms of pyramid building, Fultz also developed well climbing 11 total problems between V14 and V15 and 24 problems between V12 and V13.

Fultz may have the capacity to climb Return of the Sleepwalker V17, especially considering that he sent Sleepwalker V16 and Squoze V14 and Trieste V14 in the same day.

2021 V16 Sends

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