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Meet Preston Edwards, The Piano Boy

The Edwards family not only embraces climbing as an activity, but they promote it as a lifestyle.

The three Edwards siblings, Preston, Harry and Samantha have been climbing since their infancy thanks to parents Jennifer and Rob.

“We’ve been climbing long enough as a family to have accumulated countless memories of wonderful experiences together,” said the Edwards whose website features stories and photos from their adventures.

Edwards’ Website

All of the Edwards specialize in a musical instrument, Preston’s is the piano and thus he’s known as the Piano Boy.

In 2014, Harry sent Southern Smoke 5.14c at only 12 years old. In February 2015, Preston repeated one of Harry’s first ascents, a 5.14b.

Preston, 11, climbs the “Christmas Project” to Bach’s Prelude in C Major and his own cover of Lalo Schifrin’s Mission Impossible theme.

The Christmas Project 5.14b was bolted at the Christmastime Crag at Red River Gorge and was first redpointed by Harry, at age 10, in 2011.

At 12, Harry decided to repeat the route to compare it with other 5.14s. The repeat ascent took dozens of tries spread out over multiple days, leading to his conclusion that the Christmas Project is likely 5.14b.

Preston is the youngest of the Edwards family and there’s no telling what he’ll climb next. From the looks of it, he has a steady head for highballs.

Watch Preston Climb Christmas Project:

Preston’s Impressive Highball: