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Mountain Biker Rides Classic Burgers and Fries in Squamish

Matt Bolton opens another bold line with a drop down one of Canada's most iconic crag cliffs

There’s a history in Squamish of people riding down slabs on bikes and skateboards. In 2007, Olivier Ouellette and friends made the first skateboard descent of the Apron. He tapped the board to one foot and rigged a rappel to board down.

In September 2020, Matt Bolton cleaned some moss off a short cliff and rode his mountain bike down it. He had “this crazy idea for a while” that he wanted to ride down a rock slab as a climber was going up nearby.

He called the run The Finger Biter and shared photos on Instagram. It was considered one of the more difficult slab lines on the coast.

This week, Bolton was at it again – this time with the first mountain bike descent of Burgers and Fries at the Smoke Bluffs.

After his history-making drop, he said, “I’d told everyone previously that there was a good chance I’d walk away if I didn’t feel 100% confident I could do it. I was hoping for no crowd but with all my friends and the climbers there was close to 50 people at the bottom. After a few very deep breathes I got on the Pedals and rolled down one of the most well known rock climbing routes in Squamish. The transition was perfect and the feeling of stopping smoothly on the runout is hard to put in words.”

Watch a video of the descent below and check out an amazing photo of Bolton by Travis Bothner.