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Music Video and Song in Honour of Legend Tim Auger

Canadian folk band The Wardens and their new song Thousand Rescues

Photo by: Brandon Pullan of Tim Auger on Mount Louis

Tim Auger is a legendary Canadian climber who made the second ascent of the Grand Wall and first ascent of University Wall in Squamish, the first ascent of Homage to the Spider on Mount Louis, and made over a thousand rescues as a search and rescue technician in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. In 2018, he passed away at 72. Read more about Auger here.

The Wardens are a band from the Canadian Rockies whose stories rise from the very land they’ve protected as national park wardens. Scott Ward, Bradley Bischoff and Ray Schmidt’s mountain music is a blend of folk, roots and Americana. Their new album is Sold Out at the Ironwood, which is a bar where the Calgary Mountain Club would meet for slideshows and live music.

One of the songs, called Thousand Rescues, on the new album is dedicated to Auger. Listen below.

Thousand Rescues


Lead photo: Brandon Pullan of Tim Auger on Mount Louis