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Nina Williams Climbing Midnight Lighting V8

Nina Williams is one of America's best highball boulderers. Watch newly released footage of a send from a few years ago

Nina Williams sending Midnight Lightning, a classic V8 near Yosemite’s Camp 4, back in 2015. The first ascent was by Ron Kauk in 1978. The problem can be identified by a chalk lightning bolt drawn by John Bachar in 1978 while attempting the problem with John Yablonski and Ron Kauk. In May 2013, the lightning bolt was cleaned off but was drawn back on days later.

“I just found this in my archive and thought I would share it with you all,” said Chris Alstrin about the video below. “There is one move towards the top which is skipped, sorry about that but we were shooting as a two camera shoot and I don’t have access to the other footage.”

Williams is best known for her highballs, although she enjoys a variety of challenges in bouldering, sport, traditional and big wall. She works with outdoor athletes and teams as a certified development coach with a special interest in mindset communication.

Nina Williams Top Climbs

2015: Speed of Life V10, Farley, Massachusetts
2015: Footprints V9, Bishop, California
2015: Ray of Light V13, Rocklands, South Africa – First female ascent
2016: Final Frontier 5.13b, Yosemite, California
2016: Evilution Direct V11, Bishop, California – First female ascent
2017: Ambrosia V11, Bishop, California – First female ascent, first woman to complete the Grandpa Peabody trifecta
2018: Father Time 5.13b 20p, Yosemite, California
2018: Window Shopper V12, Boulder, Colorado – First female ascent
2019: Too Big To Flail V10, Bishop, California – Seventh ascent, first female ascent

Midnight Lightning