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Nordic Marathon is One of the World’s Hardest Rock Climbs

A film about Sébastien Bouin making the first ascent of the 5.15b/c was released today

In July 2022, Sébastien Bouin worked through some of the hardest routes in Norway before establishing Nordic Marathon, a 130-metre sport climb that he graded 5.15b/c. The big line links other 5.15 routes across a big roof.

“It was a crazy idea,” he said about crossing the most overhanging part of the Flatanger cave. “Adam Ondra had it long before I visited and shared it with me.” Bouin repeated two other hard climbs during that trip: Iron Curtain and Change. “The sheer size of the route is hard to comprehend,” said Bouin about Nordic Marathon. “There’s so much hard climbing that you only get one real attempt every two days. The rope drag was insane.”

Bouin continued to have a strong year and went on to make the first ascent of the first 5.15c in America with Suprême Jumbo Love in California – read about it here.

Nordic Marathon 5.15b/c

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