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Video: Moab’s Toughest Wide Cracks

In this video, EpicTV joined Pat Kingsbury on a brutal three-day tour of pain as he takes on some of Moab’s toughest wide cracks.

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Epic TV explains this awesome video: “In the pantheon of great US crack climbers there are few to whom the phrase ‘rough and ready’ can be applied more fittingly than to Pat.

“In the freezing conditions of mid-Winter Utah, the white cloud curling up from his mouth is as likely to be cigarette smoke as it is his condensing breath and his calloused hands betray not just a climber, but a construction worker. On a three-day break from his work building cell phone towers, Pat has come to Moab, Utah, the area that has dominated his climbing for the past eight years.

“Moab attracts thousands of climbers every year, drawn to the area by its iconic splitter cracks. However, classic climbs aren’t the reason for Pat’s visit. Instead, Pat is on a mission to seek out the obscure, the steep and the downright dirty off-widths that few others dare to contend with.”