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Old Chris Sharma Project Finally Sent

Ratstaman Vibrations was established 10 years ago and sent this year by Alex Megos at 5.15b

This summer, Alex Megos made the first ascent of Ratstaman Vibrations at Céüse. He gave the 35-metre route 5.15b and sent it shortly after winning bronze at the Briancon World Cup.

After returning to the project after the comp, he sent on his second day. “First day back on the route felt really good and already on the second day of this trip I had the perfect send go,” said Megos on Instagram. “Rastaman is one of those mythical routes for me.”

Rastaman Vibrations was bolted by Chris Sharma and had been tried by several climbers, Megos first attempted last year. The project became well-known after a 2012 Petzl video of Sharma bolting the line and working the bit moves, like the sideways dyno. After sharing the news of his send, Sharma corrected Megos’s spelling, noting that it’s spelled Ratstaman, not Rastaman.

This month, Megos established another new 5.15b and flashed 5.14b. Over a number of visits to Canada, Megos established Canada’s first 5.15flashed The Path 5.14Ronsighted The Shining 5.13+ 15 pitches on Mount Louis and made the fourth ascent, in a day, of Dreamcatcher 5.14d in Squamish. In Ontario, he made the first ascents of two V12s at the Niagara Glen.

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