Ice Season Warm-Up: Watch Hueniken Send Musashi M12

September 10th, 2018 by | Posted in Profiles, Rockies, Routes, Video |

Sarah Hueniken on Musashi

In April 2013, Hueniken became the first North American woman to climb M12 after sending Musashi behind Panther Falls. A few years later, she climbed Steel Koan M13+ in the same cave.

Shortly after her send, she said, “A couple weeks ago, my axes finally hit the ice at the end of Musashi and I fulfilled my goal.”

“A mixture of relief, happiness and anticlimactic realization overcame me. The fear of this exact moment is what almost prevented it from happening.

“Often the best way for me to finish a goal is to have another one waiting, and thankfully the thought of warm rock was a strong draw.”

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Watch Hueniken Send Musashi