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Scottish Sea Towers Climbed in a Push

Two climbers aim to summit three of the most famous sea stacks in 24 hours

Scotland has several classic sea towers or sea “stacks” as they’re often called, with three of the most-climbed being Am Buichaille, The Old Man of Stoer and The Old Man of Hoy. To climb all three in a day is a big undertaking.

Last year, Alex Moore and Robbie Phillips took on the “pointless climbing challenge,” as they called it, and the result was an adventurous day out and this fun short film.

Phillips is known for his big wall ascents around the world, including El NiƱo 5.13, Goldengate 5.13 and Pre Muir 5.13, all on El Capitan. Moore is one of the U.K.’s best highball boulderers and trad climbers with repeats up to E10.


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