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See How Top Climbers Project a 5.15, then See the Send

Three strong climbers discuss projecting techniques and the struggle before the redpoint

In May of 2021, Keenan Takahashi topped out Empath one of the U.S.A.’s most sought after hard sport lines. His ascent capped months of frustration, doubt, and a singular dedication to this life list goal.

Empath, in California’s Tahoe, was first climbed by Carlo Traversi in 2020 and given the grade of 5.15a. It was quickly repeated by James Webb, Daniel Woods and Nathaniel Coleman. Three more climbers ticked the must-climb granite route this year, with Takahashi, Connor Herson and Ethan Pringle.

Follow Takahashi, Paige Claassen and Pablo Hammack as they attempts this spectacular line together, demonstrating that our personal goals are often realized through the combined efforts of a team.

See How Climbers Project 5.15