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Shaun Raboutou Trying Burden of Dreams in Winter

The V17 is one of the hardest problems ever climbed. Raboutou has been putting in serious effort over the past few months

In 2016, Nalle Hukkataival made the first ascent of the “Lappnor Project” in Finland and officially named it Burden of Dreams V17 (9A). The hard problem had been attempted by some of the world’s best boulderers, and it took Hukkataival four years.

Since Hukkataival ascent, several other V17s have been claimed. In 2021, Daniel Woods made the first ascent of Return of the Sleepwalker and graded it V17 – watch his send here. Last year, Shawn Raboutou established Alphane and Megatron and graded them both V17 – read more about them here. Alphane had two quick repeats, full story here.

Raboutou first shared the news that he was trying Burden of Dreams last fall. He’s now released a new video showing his projecting process in cold temps with snow around. Watch Hukkataival attempting Burden of Dreams on Instagram and Raboutou projecting it below.

Burden of Dreams in Winter

Burden of Dreams in Fall

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