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Should You Use a Girth Hitch? Dyneema vs Nylon Tested

If you wanted to know whether nylon or dyneema is stronger, this video gets to the bottom of it

The gear testing group How Not 2 goes to work breaking dyneema and nylon sling girth hitches to discover what’s stronger. They tested over 27 girth hitches in five different configurations with John Godino from Alpine Savvy.

“This topic is one of the most engaging on his page so we thought we would explore it with both nylon and dyneema. I was shocked that the dyneema did better than the nylon in a few of the cases. ‘But what about shock loading it?’ We did that too.”

The below chart shoes at what force the hitches broke, and as you can see the nylon sling is stronger in most situations.

Source: How Not 2

Girth Hitch Tests