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Solveig Korherr Has Climbed Several 5.14s, See Her First 5.14d

The new short film focuses on her send of La Cabane au Canada in Switzerland

In summer 2021, Solveig Korherr climbed La Cabane au Canada 5.14d in Rawyl, Switzerland. In the video below by Hannes Tell, she talks about the send and her climbing career.

Solveig, who is from Steißlingen in Germany, was introduced to climbing by her father when she was six. She started competing when she was nine and at 11 started training with a coach in Switzerland.

Then 2014 marked a milestone as one of her best competition years, where she won the German Lead Cup and made the finals at the European Youth Cup in Imst. The following year she qualified for the German National Team. She visited Canada in 2021 and sent Titan 5.14a at Lion’s Head, which you can watch here. And read about her send-train trip to Red River Gorge here.

Solveig Korherr’s First 5.14d