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Squamish V2 to V6 Bouldering Circuits

These are some of the best and most-classic problems in Squamish

Squamish has some of the best bouldering in Canada, which is why countless climbers travel there every summer for extended stays. Below is a short film directed by Alex Ratson featuring Ethan Salvo and Dylan Hardy on some classic boulders.

The climbing store Climb On in Squamish, released the film, along with Salvo’s V2 to V3 circuit and his V4 to V6 circuit. Salvo’s V2 to V3 circuit: Largonian Bulge V2, Power surge V2, Stupid face V3, Choss-a-block V2, Tumbleweed V2, Titanic V3 and Slot Machine V3. Salvo’s V4 to V6 circuit: Viper V5, Superfly V4, Easy chair V4, Minor Threat V6, Swank Stretch V5 and Lounge Act V6.

Salvo is one of North America’s top boulderers. Originally from Ontario, he’s now based in Squamish. In February he claimed the first ascent of Zazen, one of Canada’s only V15s – read about the FA here.

Squamish Circuit