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Stefano Ghisolfi Builds Replica of Adam Ondra’s Silence 5.15d

He was joined by Will Bosi and Pete Whittaker to try a plastic version of the famous crack crux

In August 2022, Stefano Ghisolfi took a trip to Flatanger, Norway to begin projecting Silence 5.15d. The historic route was first ascended by Adam Ondra in 2017 and has not yet seen a repeat. Ghisolfi made good progress on the trip, figuring out alternate beta for the inverted crack crux sequence. He ended up sending Move Hard 5.15b, which features the second crux of Silence.

On a more recent trip to the U.K., Ghisolfi teamed up with Will Bosi and Pete Whittaker to climb a plastic replica of the crux of Silence. In 2020, Whittaker sussed out the crack crux while visiting Flatanger, so like Ghisolfi, he was familiar with the moves – although he used completely different beta, relying much more on crack technique.

The Silence crux replica likely turned out to be even harder than the real thing, but all three made some good links. Replicas can look a little goofy, but Bosi’s Burden of Dreams V17 plastic trainer was instrumental in his quick send of the problem. You can watch the trio’s Silence efforts in the video below recently released by Ghisolfi. For more Ghisolfi, Bosi, and Whittaker content, you can also watch them going head-to-head on crack challenges in Tom Randall’s training cellar.

Will Ghisolfi return to Norway this year to continue his efforts on Silence? Will he be the third climber in history to climb a 5.15d?

Ghisolfi, Bosi, and Whittaker on Silence 5.15d Crux Replica