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Steph Davis Free-Solos an Alpine 5.10c

In 2007, Steph Davis free-soloed Pervertical Sanctuary up one of America's most famous walls

Back in 2007, Steph Davis was one of the world’s leading free-solo climbers, with historic ascents in Indian Creek, Yosemite and in the mountains. On Sept. 3, she free-soloed Pervertical Sanctuary IV 5.10c on the Diamond, Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. She returned 10 days later to repeat the free-solo a second time, with Peter Mortimer from Reel Rock filming.

Davis was the the first woman to free solo the Diamond and the second person with a recorded free-solo on Pervertical Sanctuary, the other being Derek Hersey. “I focused completely on the positive granite, the confidence in my shoe rubber, and the freedom of climbing light, with nothing to carry,” Davis said. “I was hoping to feel solid and safe on the finger crack crux, and reminded myself as always that I am a crack climber.”

Pervertical Sanctuary was first climbed by Ron Olevsky and Bob Dodds in 1975 at a grade of 5.8 A1. In that same year, Bruce Adams and Tobin Sorenson freed it at 5.10c.

Steph Davis on the Diamond