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The Bull is a Squamish 5.14R Trad Climb

Watch Jeremy Smith take some big whippers. To date, the run-out climb is believed to have only two ascents

The Bull 5.14a/bR is one of Canada’s most difficult trad lines. Established in 2013 by Jeremy Smith after several attempts over many seasons which included some big whippers.

“Climb the overhanging corner feature until it roofs out,” says Smith in his route desctiption. “Make a nest of gear and head right on thin edges and bad feet. About V11 from the corner to the rest and next gear (Red C3). From the rest fire another V5/6 boulder problem and head to the top. Falling early in the crux is ok if your gear holds. Falling late in the crux is not advised.”

The Bull was repeated in 2014 by Ben Harnden, but we’re not aware of any other redpoints of The Bull since then. It’s located at Lakeside in the Woods in Murrin Park.

Trad climbing in Squamish goes back over 50 years. The area is one of the world’s most popular rock climbing areas for trad, sport and bouldering. For five things to know about Squamish trad visit here.

First Ascent

Second Ascent