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The History and Evolution of Grivel Ice Climbing Gear

From the late 1970s to recent day, two top alpinists walk us through decades of gear development

Top climbers Stevie Haston and Ezio Marlier walk you through the evolution of ice climbing gear. From the Super Courmayeur ice tool in 1983 to the 2019 Dark Machine, Haston and Marlier walk us through why and how the gear changed over the years.

Also in 1983, the 2F and 2F Mono crampons hit the market, which Haston used on Scotch on the Rocks IV M7 on Mont Blanc du Tacul, Chamonix. We get a brief history on crampons from the early 1980s to 2018 with the G20+.

Haston and Marlier also talk about ice screws, from the tubular ones in the 1970s to the 360; and helmets. For a list of the best ice tools for 2021, visit here.

Grivel Ice Gear