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The Huber Brothers and Their Latok 1 Dreams

This summer Alex and Thomas Huber visited the Karakoram mountain range together with the Austrian mountaineers Mario Walder and Dani Arnold as well as cameraman Seppi Dabringer.

They aimed to send the famous Latok 1, 7,145 m. Due to bad weather conditions the team decided to focus on Latok 3, 6,946 m, but everything changed within a few seconds.

After their expedition, Thomas wants to return to the massive unclimbed north face of Latok 1 someday, but Alex says he is over it due to the high risk. On their attempt, an air blast from an avalanche almost knocked the team off the mountain.

In an interview with Alan Arnette, Alex said, “It is clear to me that the north face of Latok I is so incalculably dangerous that I feel no more motivation to tackle it. I’m looking for other difficult goals without this incalculable risk.”