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The Nest is a Classic V15, Here’s How it Started

A newly released video shows how one of the most classic problems in the U.S.A. got started

Back in 2014, before the age of Instagram, Mellow and Magnus Midtbø’s YouTube page, a tightknit group of friends were travelling the world establishing hard new problems.

In this blast from the past video, Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Nalle Hukkataival visit the Bird’s Nest boulder in First Creek for the first time. Cam Maier was on hand to document the day, during which Woods and Webb establish The Nest V15.

Woods wrote a detailed story about the day here, where he said, “The temperature dropped and the air was slightly humid. The holds felt in mint condition. I pulled on and began the intro with a clear head and a light body. The iron cross went smooth and natural. I grabbed the miserable two-finger razor and pulled into it as hard as possible, not caring anymore if my tip split. I reached to the final block pinch and came into the right-hand gaston. I kept tight and reached to the final rail.”

The Nest has been climbed by a lot of climbers over the past 10 years, and has become one of the most classic V15s in America. Watch the first ascent below.

The Nest FA