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Thin and Techy, Watch Dexter Bateman Send a Ten Sleep 5.14a

The vertical route is an extension to one of the original hard lines at the Wyoming crag

Ten Sleep in Wyoming has become a popular destination for Canadians wanting to head south but avoid the extreme heat of Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California in spring and summer.

In the video below, Dexter Bateman redpoints the vertical 23-metre Galactic Emperor 5.14a, a classic at the grade for the area. Found at French Cattle Ranch, it was first climbed in 2009 by Kevin Wilkinson. Galactic Emperor is an extension to Sky Pilot, which is said to be one of the must-climb 5.13d lines at Ten Sleep.

In 2017, B.C. climber Kim McGrenere climbed Galactic Emperor for her first of the grade. In a conversation with her, she said, “I was just so excited and happy and overwhelmed. Climbing 5.14 was one of my life goals – it’s almost hard to believe.”

Galactic Emperor 5.14a