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This Deadly Avalanche is Reminder to Be Safe in 2022

Watch as an avalanche rips down Mont Blanc above Chamonix and sweeps a climber down the slope

Watch as a deadly avalanche Mont Blanc buries a climber ascending a snow slope below massive glaciers during a June day. On Mont Blanc, most climber will climb the most dangerous section of Tacul and Maudit at night to arrive at the summit at sunrise and descent during the morning.

Alpine climbing comes with a lot of objective hazards, with one of the most serious being avalanches. There are ways to limit your exposure, such as climbing at night, but if you’re unsure of conditions, the best thing to do is have a plan b.

In June 2021, two experienced climbers were killed in an avalanche on a popular route on Mount Andromeda in Alberta. About the incident. mountain guide Conrad Janzen wrote in the Mountain Conditions Report, “Avalanches continue to be a concern with a sad incident on Andromeda last week serving as a stark reminder about the uncertainty that can be present in the snowpack. The front ranges of the Rockies have seen several large deep avalanches as a result of the last few days of heat, and numerous wet loose avalanches have been observed throughout the Rockies and Columbia’s.”

Always be sure to check the avalanche conditions before heading out, and if you’re curious about the conditions of an alpine climb then reach out to a local mountain guide for some advice. And here are 10 tips for your first summer alpine climb.

Deadly Mont Blanc Avalanche