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This is How Alex Honnold Trains for Climbing

And how he feels a bit of an obligation as a pro climber to try to send 5.15a

Alex Honnold is one of the world’s best all-round climbers, but over the past few years nobody really asked him how he’s adapted his training. In this video, Honnold talks about how he approaches staying fit as a father and how many training sessions he gets in each week.

“In my life, I would love to climb 5.15,” he says. “And I kind of feel like as a professional climber, I almost feel a slight obligation to climb 5.15 at some point. I wouldn’t say it’s a concrete goal.”

Honnold also talks about finger strength, noting how impressive Chris Sharma’s power is. “If you can improve by one grade a year… within a decade you’re climbing the hardest routes in the world.”

Alex Honnold Training Days