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To Daila Ojeda, This 5.13d Sport Climb is Perfect

It was bolted and sent in the imd-1990s and is unique in that it stands alone with no other bolted routes around

Watch Daila Ojeda go for the send on what she feels is the perfect sport climb – Menhir 5.13d in the Dolomites.

“In the past, I might have climbed other routes as aesthetic as this one, and on similar rock quality; but it’s not often that I’ve run into sport routes in a mountain atmosphere like this one,” Ojeda said. “One of the most beautiful routes I’ve done until now.”

Bolted by Christoph Hanz in 1994 and first climbed by Eisendle Haspeter that same year, Menhir is stands out as the only bolted route on the wall with classic trad routes all around.

“A perfectly sculpted overhanging piece of rock lost in a sea of traditional climbing,” said Ojeda. “There’s not a climbing sector, no warm-ups, it’s just one route there, so perfect.”

Ojeda had tried it in July 2021 before returning with a committed partner in August. The weather is notoriously bad in the range with long periods of rain, but she lucked out and had a window nice conditions that allowed her to piece the esthetic climb together.

Menhir 5.13d