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Ueli Steck Half-Way Finished 82 Peak Challenge

Ueli Steck has climbed 41 of the 82 peaks of objective, including one 18-peak day.

With 53 days remaining, Steck summited peak 41 on Tuesday. The list includes all mountains in the Alps that are 4,000 metres or higher and the challenge was to climb them in 80 days. Steck began his trip on June 10 with Michi Wohlleben, but after a bad landing paragliding, Wohlleben was forced to quit the challenge.

Ueli Steck and Andi Wälchli on the summit of Dent d'Hérens.  Photo 82 Summits Facebook page
Ueli Steck and Andi Wälchli on the summit of Dent d’Hérens. Photo 82 Summits Facebook page

Steck has been continuing the challenge with his wife, Nicole Steck, along with a few other alpinists.

At the end of June, Steck and Andreas Steindl summited 18 Italian peaks in one day.

The entire trip is self-supported, Steck bikes and runs between the peaks. At the end of it all, Steck will have climbed 100 kilometres and biked over 970 kilometres.

The 82 summits challenge can be followed on social media @82summits and #82summits.

For the full list of peaks and previous record holders for the 82 summit challenge, visit here.

18 Peaks in One Day: