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Video: Too Big to Flail

“Get ready for a bit of vicarious palm sweating kids, pro snowboarder/rock climber Lonnie Kauk is climbing the super high-ball Too Big to Flail in the Buttermilks, near Bishop, California. The line involves more crimping than an apple pie baking contest and falls at a burly V10/5.13d (climbing level: adult howler monkey). Did we mention that the top out sits a good 16 metres off the ground? Before he chalks up, Lonnie walks us through some of his views about pushing himself to do potentially dangerous things and the similarities and contrasts between his different pursuits. This kind of stuff can be fluffy but coming from Kauk it’s pleasantly enlightening. Once the pulling starts just hold on, and make sure you have a towel on hand to wipe away the sweat. With approximately 30 crash pads stacked beneath him he pushes into the lofty heavens with nothing but climbing shoes, magnesium carbonate, some very strong fingers and an even stronger mind. If you can watch the move at 6:35 without your stomach doing a gainer you are of a calmer disposition than we are.” – Epic TV