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Watch 10 Rock Climbing Whippers

Happy April 1! Here are 10 whippers to get you stoked for spring rock climbing

It’s finally April, which means that climbers everywhere will be getting ready for what will surely be a long and productive rock season. Below are 10 whippers to remind you how fun big falls can be.

Whipper #1

Jason Nguyen goes for a big whip.

Whipper #2

A fall from after the lip on Zombie Roof. This climb isn’t that tall, so be sure to really protect it.

Whipper #3

Adam Hammershoi attempts one of the most classic 5.11 gear routes in the Gunks.

Whipper #4

A new kind of victory whipper.


Whipper #5

James Pearson on his test-piece The Walk of Life E9.

Whipper #6

Steve Townshend on his long-term project in Thailand.

Whipper #7

A rowdy multi-pitch fall.

Whipper #8

The great Cedar Wright logging some air time.

Whipper #9

Going for a wild sideways all-points-off dynamic move to a far-away hold.

Whipper #10

Not a whipper but a solid fall off a classic Squamish problem.