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Watch 2020 Drytooling on Vancouver Island

And see what winter climbers Stas Beskin and Caro Ouellet have to say about the training it offers

West Coast climbers Stas Beskin and Caro Ouellet get some early-season drytool training in at Comox Lake on Vancouver Island. The film was produced by Marie-eve Bôchamp.

What is drytooling? It’s climbing rock with ice tools and crampons, or just rock shoes. It’s been a growing shoulder-season sport in Canada for the past 10 years and there are a number of crags.

What rock makes a good drytool crag? Any rock that couldn’t be turned into a rock climbing area. Drytooling crags are often found on rock that seaps or is too lose to rock climb.

Comox Lake Drytooling