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Watch a 2015 Lynn Hill Interview

Lynn Hill is one of North America’s was once one of the world’s leading climbers and she recently sat down with ABC News for a few words.

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“Transcript for Real-Life Spiderwoman Talks About Her Death-Defying Climb”
Right now, a brand-new series we’re starting right now, it’s called real-life superhero, all week long we’ll be highlighting ordinary people who con skwer superhuman feat. The first woman who has free climb. Jesse palmer has her story.
Reporter: That’s right, George. Lynn hill is a legend amongst climbers and she’s free-climbed some of the most treacherous rock formations. She’s the gravity-defying spiderwoman would give him a climb for his money.
She’s no computer-generated action hero. She’s the real deal. I don’t feel like a superhero. I have had magical experiences. I don’t know why it’s coming together, it’s just magic and it’s something great.
Reporter: A trail blazer in the climbing world. In 1993 she became the first person ever to free-climb the nearly 3,000-foot of el captain at yosemite. They kept trying it and going after it. They wanted it. And here’s Lynn, and she crushes it. It was ground-breaking, earth-shattering and it was a woman.
Reporter: More than two decades later, it’s only what she and only one other person have done. I want people to believe in themselves. Not limit by stereotypes. She approaches things differently. She sees the rock differently. Reporter: But climbing like her takes catwoman agility and man of steel strength. Fimpx of steel. Zero body fat. Flexibility is super important. You just have to stay really cool and calm.
Reporter: Perhaps the now 54-year-old is more like the avengers’ black widow in her superhuman longevity. With great power comes great responsibility. So, I try to be good to people. I do my part when I can and I just try to talk about what I believe in and that’s what a superhero does, they do good things.
Wow, you talk about a spidey sense. It premieres Sunday night. If you’re looking for another superhero fix, the entire cast of avengers will be live right here in times square on Friday morning. How exciting are you guys. I’m very excited. It’s going to be great. I love her energy. It’s very contagious and beautiful.
Quite possibly, the greatest athlete the general public has never heard of and she just keeps pushing the boundary of the art of the impossible. Thanks for being us that story.