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Watch a Free-Solo Dyno in Retro Film by Cedar Wright

More and more climbers are adding old, short films to the web. We'll be sure to share as many as we can with you during this down time

Cedar Wright is a well-known climber and filmmaker who’s known for films like Sufferfest and Safety Third, but long before those films he produced one call Pra Caramba. Read what Wright said about the video below and be sure to watch the nine-minute film that included a free-solo dyno.

Way before the gram, and an endless sea of content, my first attempt at a short film was Pra Caramba. It follows the antics of Brazilian wild men Lucas “Jah” Marques and Hugo Langel in the incredible climbers paradise of Serra do Cipó.

It features the second most terrifying free-solo I’ve ever documented, a close second to Safety Third. This was my first attempt at something a little more put together than a three minute internet video. I pretty much shot, edited everything and even made all the music. Looking back, the colour correction is heavy handed and my narration makes me want to cringe, and yet, there is still something I love about this film. It’s cool to look back at your progression as a filmmaker.

It’s dated, and flawed, and yet there is a certain earnestness and innocence to this project that I can’t help but love and be proud of. At the end of the day, over 10 years later, it’s still entertaining, so definitely no regrets. Enjoy!

Cedar’s First Film