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Watch Alex Honnold Free-Soloing Desert Towers

The top climber goes ropeless on Castleton Tower and Fine Jade

Alex Honnold’s list of free-solos and speed records includes routes in Yosemite, Squamish, Alaska, Patagonia and countless other world-class destinations.

In these videos, Honnold is seen on two routes: North Face of Castleton Tower, a three-pitch 5.11 first climbed by Ed Webster and Buck Norden in 1979; and Fine Jade on The Rectory, a five-pitch 5.11 first climbed by Chip Chace and Pat Ellingwood in 1984. Both routes are in Castle Valley.

In the second video is some behind-the-scenes footage from a 2013 shoot for Goal Zero where Honnold gets a speed record on Fine Jade at eight minutes and 10 seconds.


Fine Jade