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Watch Cameron Horst Send Lord Voldemort 5.14a

Watch Cameron Horst send the powerful Lord Voldemort 5.14a in New River Gorge.

Cameron and his brother Jonathan have been climbing for most of their lives. Their dad Eric Horst has long been a top trainer.

“Climbing with Cam and Jon provides me with insights into their unique personalities, strengths, weaknesses and goals, and I’ve come to appreciate their individuality,” said Eric.

“Although they are only 23 months apart in age, they are quite different—not so much physically, but I have gleaned understanding into how they each solve problems, deal with adversity and set and pursue climbing goals.

“My oldest son, Cameron, is more like me. He’s what we would consider left brained. He approaches things in a more linear fashion; more mathematical. He’ll keep working at a difficult sequence of moves and physically muscle through it and make it work.”