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Watch Dave Graham Send Ali Hulk Sit 5.15b in Spain

As another climber follows him around the cave drying his hands with a fan

Dave Graham has climbed his first 5.15b with the fifth ascent of Ali Hulk Sit Start Extension Total in the Ali Baba Cave in Rodellar, Spain. It was first climbed by Dani Andrada in 2007.

In 2007, Graham visited the Bow Valley and made the second or third ascent of Lev Pinter’s Bunda de Fora 5.14d at Acephale. About his trip to Canada, Graham said, “When it’s time to take a road trip and you feel like your favourite destinations will all be sweltering hot, cruise on up to the Bow Valley in Canada.

“From Calgary, there are a number of climbing areas to choose from as you move towards Canmore. Acephale is a particularly charming little crag hidden in a deep green forest. if you are into blue limestone, this is your destination. The climbing style is super bouldery; slick feet, technical slabs, and powerful bulges dominate the terrain. However, the routes appear quite diverse from each other as the walls morph into different shapes and sizes along the way. Reminiscent of the alpine limestone of Switzerland, and with a high concentration of high-end sport routes, this place is a refreshing change from many of the other cliffs in North America.”

Prior to his first 5.15a, Graham had sent La Rambla 5.15a, Thor’s Hammer 5.15a, Biographie 5.15a and Coup de Grace 5.15a. Watch his send of Ali Hulk Sit below.

Graham and the Fan Guy

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